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Information technology  and light current systems company, as IT and light current infrastructure is a central part of any new building construction from residential, government, factories, hotels ... etc.
We assist you in designing technology, deploy and integrate technologies into your broader infrastructure.

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Information Technology and Light Current Systems

KAIZEN working in information technology solutions and light current systems, including network infrastructure, structured cables (Copper & Fiber), HSIA solutions (Wi-Fi), data center, fiber optic solutions, IP-CAM & CCTV systems, MATV systems, IPTV, voice systems (IP Phone & PBX), public address system, nurse call, fire alarm and fighting, master clock system, audio visual systems, burglar alarm systems, biometric systems.

We have established strong credentials in executing complex projects with customers that include some of the largest brands in Egypt in the Government & Corporate Sectors. The depth of experience allows us to use a very flexible tool kit to optimize your existing network infrastructure and provide a scalable network platform over which you can scale your business.
Design and implement the appropriate network for your company now and in the future as you expand and grow Today, we are a strong team highly skilled and experienced employees, building and supporting long lasting relationships with our clients.


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Kaizen specializes in understanding the in-depth technical requirements of clients and then designing the most cost effective and scalable solution. 
Kaizen strives to identify all aspects of a client’s technology needs and then provide an integrated solution from a full suite of best in class network hardware, maintenance, software, telecommunications, and data center vendors. 
Kaizen has an extensive array of data center and telecom partners and we operate our own strongly interconnected voice and IP data network. 
Kaizen can act as a neutral party to find the most cost effective and scalable solution to your business technology problem.