Kaizen Solutions is an authorised distributor in Egypt for Televes products, with a complete range of European technology made in Spain, specializing in the design, development and manufacture of telecomme infrastructure solutions, manufacturing Head End Stations, Multiswitches, Introducing smart solutions for MATV networks, coaxial over fiber optic, using latest modulation technology specially in the hospitality sectors. .

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Quality television in every socket,

TELEVES has a complete range of products, from the antenna to the socket.

- Satellite Dishes
Devices which mission consists in the reception of electromagnetic signals from the satelite.

- Terrestrial Antennas
The antenna responsible for picking up the signals that carry radio and television services and converting the radio waves into electrical signals for distribution.

A feeder to receive the reflected signal, and the mechanical equipment required to position and fix both of them.

- Multiswitches
Allows the reception of up to 4 different satellites besides the terrestrial signal, suitable for small, medium and large installations.


- Processing headends

Transform the TVSAT, DTT or IP audiovisual service reception format to adapt it to any user multimedia device They are also compatible with coaxial, optical fibre and structured cabling distribution networks. 

TELEVES, When quality matters

- Filtering and amplification

Process the television signal (terrestrial and/or satellite) to adapt it to the distribution network and deliver it to the receivers with maximum quality.

- Fiber Optic

Allow changing the transmission medium from RF signals to optical fibre. This allows TV and SAT Signal distribution over large distances without losing signal quality.

- Distribution

Delivering the TV signals (terrestrial, satellite, cable...) to the user outlet, provides a wide range of devices adapted to work in all bands (VHF, UHE, IF-SAT).

- Coaxial cables and connectors

The coaxial cables RG6 and RG11 and F-connectors is the transmission method used for television signals.

- Data cables , racks and connectors

In the communications world choosing the correct cable is the key for fast data transfer between different devices.